Gastronomes are a new type of food professional in-depth understanding of the entire web of food production, from agriculture to processing to distribution.
Paying particular attention to environmental and sustainability issues, gastronomes understand how to connect food processes to both economic and communication systems, as well as the relationships within food and wine tourism, high-quality product marketing and the promotion of regional food traditions.
UNISG graduates work in all sectors of the food world, from large-scale distribution to small businesses like wineries and specialized food shops. Gastronomes are also active players in tourism, education and policy. They can be employed in marketing, management, processing or distribution. Some alumni take over their family business, while increasing numbers launch their own businesses from ideas often conceived in the classroom.
Whether entrepreneurs or employees, innovators of the future or curators of the past, all UNISG gastronomes share the desire to embrace an inspired new vision of food and to forge a new culture of gastronomy.