From growing food and working with farms and producers, to exploring foods, flavors and the meaning of mealtime, to innovating, advocating, educating and working in policy, UNISG graduates are transforming the field of gastronomy and achieving inroads in the revolution underway related to the production, consumption and experience of food.

UNISG graduates work across the globe in a broad spectrum of industries, sectors and specializations including: Journalism and Communications, Management, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain and Procurement, R&D, Production, Restaurants and more.  They work in publishing, tourism, education, farming, as artisanal producers, shop owners, food consultants and more.

Each year, as alumni and new graduates embed into the vast and widespread network that comprises our global food system, they are bringing new expertise and energy to the workplace, innovating existing roles and inventing entirely new applications with which to channel their distinct training and worldview insights.



What is a successful career design for a UNISG graduate?

A successful career design begins with a vision for what is possible. It takes into consideration your passions and interests as well as a number of essential elements including:

  • Expertise
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Industry and Marketplace Relevance
  • Trends and Projections

In addition, successful career designs for gastronomes require extra effort in two important areas:

  1. educating potential employers and the public on what it means to ‘be a 21st century gastronome’
  2. working with profit or non profit organizations to develop projects and businesses in a sustainable and innovative way.

The goal is to combine this composite view for career success into a distinct value proposition that allows you to develop and effectively position yourself in the marketplace as an employee, expert or entrepreneur.

A winning approach involves strategic emphasis in three key areas:




Knowledge Base


“With whom”



“To what end”


What you know that can be clearly articulated and channeled into the creation of  value in the marketplace Connecting with people who will help you and who will look to you for help in achieving introductions and advancing your search Identifying and exploring suitable opportunities (e.g. companies, agencies, sectors) to effectively position your value in the marketplace


Four core modules support you to develop a personalized ‘roadmap’ to plan and achieve career development in alignment with your vision for market relevance and success.

Combined, this is what they look like:

  1. PREPARING THE SOIL: Taking Inventory (where you are now and where you want to be)
  1. SEEDING: Developing a Vision for Your Career (basic, better, best and bold)
  1. GROWING: Shaping and Communicating Your Unique Value Proposition 
  1. FERTILIZING AND PRUNING: Cultivating Your Career through Internships and Applied Learning

Much like the food we work to produce and promote, the content of each module supports a continuum of effort and leverages a natural cycle of progression.

You may use the modules in sequence to build a comprehensive career plan or pick and choose the modules to target certain outcomes or objectives (e.g. prepare your resume, gain clarity on your vision). Each module links to relevant tools and worksheets to help you develop your value proposition, marketing materials and career strategies. Coaches tips encourage great practices and staying the course.

If you wish to download the module and start to design your own career please click HERE (you need to login to access the page).