The program Cultivating your Career has been developed by the Career Center in collaboration with the American consultancy firm CorpTalk, starting in the Autumn 2015.

It is an innovative approach to the professional growth of our students and graduates particularly focused on the uniqueness of every single student, from the very beginning The University of Gastronomic Sciences thanks to its holistic and multidisciplinary approach, therefore, tries to add value to the peculiarities of its Alumni, peculiarities that will then have a huge impact on the way in which every student will choose to define his own interpretation of the gastronome.

Since the earliest years, the most frequently asked question from the future students has been “What am I going to do after graduation?”, it is very hard to give a complete answer to this question, because every student who studied in Pollenzo has a different story and a different journey to make and so the range of careers undertaken covers almost the complete spectrum of gastronomy, from farmers to journalists, from brand managers to professors, chefs, buyers, coffee tasters, and consultants.

It is an answer that is already in the hands of every student, and the Cultivating your Career program has been thought in order to help the students to find this answer.

The program, available for all the students and Alumni registered on this platform, is divided into 4 groups of modules and tools that the students can use on his own or with the supervision of the Career Center which time after time will suggest the most useful tools for the specific student needs.

1 Preparing the Soil: The first part is dedicated to those who are confused and need to understand how to find their bearings. It is a challenging module full of meaning focused on the development of your own career design implemented with tools that we suggest to everyone, even to those students who already have a solid background or who think of being absolutely sure about their choices.

2 Seeding: This module represents the ideal connections between the first and the third one, it is mainly focused on the creation of your vision in order to let your career design to evolve and take shape

3 Growing: After shaping your ideas it is important to learn how to convey it, this module has been thought to provide to our students all the necessary tools needed to articulate your value proposition.

4 Fertilizing and Pruning: The last module has been developed to provide you with useful tips on how to address the internship and the job market in a positive and successful way. It is a module primarily addressed to those who are about to enter into the working world.