Riikka Sukula: a love for Barolo

A love for Barolo has been the guiding force in the life of Riikka Sukula, a Master in Italian Wine Culture student who left her native Finland to make wine in Serralunga d’Alba. Riikka is from Helsinki and initially trained in management and marketing. Her infatuation with Italian wine led her to work for many … Leggi tutto >

Career Hungry: Charting a Path to My Fulfilling Food Career

My name is Emily Halpern, and I’m a member of what I’ll call “the first generation of modern gastronomes”.  To give you some perspective: In the United States, The Food Network didn’t exist until I was in high school, the internet wasn’t a big part of my life until college, and I learned what I … Leggi tutto >

A Master at Pollenzo Changed My Life…

After at least a year on from any prolonged experience, it is possible to start assessing how positive—or otherwise—its effects have been. Often I’m asked how the Master in Food Culture & Communications – Human Ecology & Sustainability was, and my answer is always the same: It changed my life. Let’s start by saying that … Leggi tutto >

From Etna to Bologna: Story of a Beer Artisan…

Esmeralda Spitaleri has taken an unexpected path, choosing to put concrete practice ahead of words. The first thing that strikes you about Esmeralda is her candidness. This is not someone given to circumlocution. When asked about her education, she explains: “I didn’t have any scientific training. I graduated in Communication Sciences, and I always wanted … Leggi tutto >